Wednesday, January 24, 2024

                                                      Creative Block?

I hear people talking about creative blocks all the time. I imagine it is unbearable as I don't have this problem. I am much more like a Golden Retriever on a walk with a ball. It all starts out fine, but then SQUIRREL! I chase each idea with abandon. At the end of the day I am exhausted and have no ball and no squirrel and am a bit disappointed.

Why does this occur? For me it is lack of focus. I have to force myself to focus. I have not been as disciplined as I need to be and tell myself I am going to change that.

Change requires habits. Habits after all are rituals, and I like rituals.

So, for at least the next few days I will be preforming the 15 minute ritual. This consists of me entering the studio, sitting down and working in a sketch book for 15 minutes.  

How I work in that sketch book doesn't matter. Marks, puddles of colour, collage, or an ink drawing. It only matters that for 15 minutes I am putting media to paper and then turn the page.


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