Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Horses, Horses, Horses!….and little girls.

I had a fabulous time up at The Event at Rebecca Farm, in Kalispell, Montana. Beautiful horses, horse people, dogs, and lots of little girls.

An eleven or twelve year old pony clubbed asked me if I had painted all of the artwork displayed in my booth. I told her I had. She very seriously walked into the middle of my booth and with hands on hips surveyed it while nodding. Solemnly she pronounced "Good job" and left.

A girl of about eight came in with two of her siblings. The looked at the paintings and made comments to each other, grabbed a piece of candy and headed out. The eight year turned and came back. "Did you do all of theses?" she asked. I said yes. She stood still for a moment, through her arm up and exclaimed "Fantastic!" and left.

Those two were the cherries on top of my ice cream sundae of a trip.

Saturday, July 5, 2014


Untitled Intaglio Print
11" x 11"
on 15" x 22" Stonehenge
Edition of Ten

An Intaglio printed on a warm stone colored sheet of Stonehenge. The print is hand pulled with the use of an etching press from an incised zinc plate.