Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Couldn't help myself!

George, first week at the farm.

Just sent George's board check off. I couldn't be more pleased with George or the care he is receiving. He is out on pasture most of the time. Has a stall when he needs it. Has his clothes changed according to the weather, which in NC can be tricky. Has pedicures every other week. Is groomed, played with, and talked to. He is at the Horsey Hyatt.

As many of you know, I won't meet George until May. I can hardly wait to just rest my hand on the side of his neck.

In the meantime, I rest easy know that he is being well cared for.

Thank you Gayle.

Friday, February 22, 2013

Poetry & Ponies Redux

Mixed Media on Canvas
10" x 10"

I have this small painting hanging in my bedroom. I love it. It's quiet and cause to to enter a reflective state. The same state I was in when I painted it.

I am also surprised that it is still in my possession.It is quite charming and always draws it's fair share of admirers when shown in public.

 This is not the first time I have reposted this, and it may not be the last time either. 

Poetry and Ponies revisited,

I spent a good deal of time driving this weekend.I really do some of my best daydreaming and pondering while I driving.I was thinking about painting and language.I love a well turned phrase.I love listening to or reading a well crafted story,one filled with succinct sentences that evoke a place or events that make me believe that I may have experienced it myself.
Why is that?
I think that maybe it is a human longing to belong to a tribe,a group a family.A desire to belong and be understood.A desire to believe"I am not alone and my life matters".
So why do I paint?
This week I believe I paint to bear witness to what I love.I want to share what I love.I want it to be understood,that I was here and for a brief moment that is my life,I loved horses.

Monday, February 11, 2013

Heartfelt Cards

Heart Cards
Decorative Papers on
Fabriano Mediovalis  Card Stock

Each year there is a rush on these cards at West of the Moon in Downtown Historic Flagstaff. They carry them year round, but they are especially popular for Saint Valentine's Day

Friday, February 1, 2013

CCC Art Faculty Exhibit

from the "In Search of the Superlative Horse" series
Mixed Media on Paper
22" x 30"
35" x 43"

"Temper" is the painting I had framed for the" Coconino Community College Art Faculty Exhibit" at West of the Moon Gallery. The show opens tonight with the First Friday Art Walk,  6:00 ~ 9:00pm
and will be up until February 25th.

Unfortunately I will not be attending. I have a severe cold and will be spending that time in bed with hot tea.

If you find yourself in Flagstaff be sure to stop in the gallery and have a look.