Wednesday, April 29, 2015

How do you Live with Art?

I am always fascinated with how other people arrange things. All things, from the furniture in your living room to the items in your medicine cabinet.

Are they grouped by size, color, usefulness? Was it random? Did you just toss all the left overs in that drawer? Why that scarf with that blouse? Are those books arranged by who much love what they contain or alphabetically?

So, when it comes to the art you have choosen to live with and how you have it displayed, my interest is more than piqued! I am all eyes. I am beyond the curiosity that killed the cat. I want to see.

Indulge me. Show me how you live with your object d'art, your favorite painting, that treasure that no one else quite understands.

Thursday, April 9, 2015

Worth the Wait

The Good Ride
40" x 60"
Oil and Mixed Media on Canvas

There is nothing quite like a hack through the burgeoning southern countryside in the spring. It is the warmth of the sun and the lingering coolness of the earth. The soft colours ripening into a vibrant display. Honey drifts on the air, And, if you are lucky, really luck, you have a good horse to take you over a fence or two.

It was worth the wait. This image is so sharp and clear, I could have been more pleased with the photo. I am so grateful to have a fantastic photographer who is also a genuinely nice guy. I always look forward to seeing him. Thank you Tom Alexander.

Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Just wait.........

This is a painting I just finished. I took a photo of it minutes after I completed it. I am taking it to Tom this afternoon to have it professionally photographed. I will post that image as soon as I get. So, just wait.......