Saturday, September 30, 2017

Too Many Choices

One of the things that happens to me in the studio is I have too many choices. This may sound good, but it keeps me from finishing something. I think of myself as a painter, but it's not really as straight forward as that.

I work on canvas, paper, prepared wood panels, yupo, and almost anything that doesn't move. I paint with oils, watercolors, and acrylics and often combine them. I create paintings, collages, cards, prints, and drawings.

I start a painting on canvas and suddenly the paper is calling to me. I pick up the charcoal and see the bright and sparkling pastels beckon. None of this would really be a problem if I would just stay on task.

In an effort to manage my time better, I decided to eliminate some of the choices. I have been going through my studio and selling items that are still very good, but that I will probably not use in the next year.

Gone are the dry artist pigments. The some of my vast collection of watercolors have found a new home. The pastels will be used by an artist in the Pacific Northwest and the etching ink is being used in the Big Easy. My art materials are fulfilling their intended purpose.

There are still shelves to be sorted through and boxes to be unopened, but I have managed to select what paper I will be keeping and what will be sold. Now to sell it so that I may start painting again.