Thursday, April 2, 2009


"Horses,horses,horses,that's all I ever hear from you."my third grade teacher admonished."All you ever do is draw,write,talk HORSES!I don't want to hear about horses again!"Clearly my Mrs.Turner was not a horse lover and may not have even liked children.
As I would continued my reluctant journey through the public school system,I would run into several teachers who shared Mrs.Turner's sentiments.Apparently a student who spent several hour a day staring out the classroom windows,daydreaming about riding,grooming and just plain,keeping company with horses,wasn't their idea of a model student.
I was occasionally sent to the principles office for my transgressions.The offenses were minor in my opinion.Talking with friends,doodling, drawing on the test,and all horse related.
Why couldn't these people understand,I was not obsessed with horses,I was clearly possesed by horses,and what a glorious thing that is to be!
I find it a little bit ironic that I am an equine artist.It is my job to draw,paint,daydream and talk about horses.To fill my studio with amazing images of horses.
I am a happy girl!

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W. J. St. Christopher said...

Your blog is off to a beautiful start -- interesting to read and wonderful to see!

I, too, spent most of my school career with my head in daydreams (though mine were more the 'unicorn' variety). I quickly learned that if I made really good grades, I'd escape that much faster!

Your horses are lovely -- good thing you found a way to get the required education AND hold on to the required creative streak!