Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Good Start

In January I became frantic.I had lost the phone number for the company I order my stretcher bars from.I google it,but to avail.I posted on an art bulletin board to see if anyone else had their number,no reply.I couldn't find their number anywhere.I thought that they might have gone out of business.What was I going to do?
Then I had the brilliant idea to go through past receipts.I hadn't ordered for a couple of years,but I managed to find the number.
I called and got an answering machine.Oh no,my heart sank,I left my name and number.Later that day,they called me back and I placed my order.I was so happy,I couldn't wait for them to arrive.
About two weeks later they arrive.They are beautiful.I put them together.The next day I stretch the canvas on them.I now have three stretched canvases wait to be primed.
I gesso each canvas once,wait for it to dry and sand it.I repeat this process three times.Now my canvases are brilliant,gleaming white.I love the chalky smell of gesso that still have.The way they feel cool and smooth to the touch.I am in heaven.
It is now the first part of March.I set the canvases up to start the acrylic washes on them.I mix up a thin solution of green,pink,and raw sienna.Over the next week I add paint and wait for it to dry,time after time.
I am so excited.I can't wait to get these canvases on the easel.
Well here we are.It is May and I have been working on all sorts of different things.BUT I am promising myself that I shall start working on them this weekend,or maybe the next.....
There are three canvases,two that are 40"x60"x2" and one that is 40"x20"x2".

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