Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Again; Poetry and Ponies

Mixed Media on Canvas
10" x 10"

I am surprised that I still have this painting. I thought that it would be one of the first sold out of the show last spring. Oh well, it's one of my favorites and is currently residing on my bedroom wall.

Poetry and Ponies revisited,

I spent a good deal of time driving this weekend.I really do some of my best daydreaming and pondering while I driving.I was thinking about painting and language.I love a well turned phrase.I love listening to or reading a well crafted story,one filled with succinct sentences that evoke a place or events that make me believe that I may have experienced it myself.
Why is that?
I think that maybe it is a human longing to belong to a tribe,a group a family.A desire to belong and be understood.A desire to believe"I am not alone and my life matters".
So why do I paint?
This week I believe I paint to bear witness to what I love.I want to share what I love.I want it to be understood,that I was here and for a brief moment that is my life,I loved horses.

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