Saturday, September 29, 2012

Perceived Landscapes

Angle of Repose
Mixed Media & Oil on Birch
20" x 40"

Yesterday I hung a show at the Flagstaff Arboretum. What a joy to be out there on a beautiful day. Best part as an artist, unloading art and hanging 16 pieces in under an hour! If only the rest of my life would go as easily.

Thanks to Elizabeth Vogler for all her help.

Below is my artist statement for the show.

Perceived Landscapes

I am fascinated by what and how people perceive things. Objects, events, and landscape. How what we see is understood through an emotional filter.

I have been drawing and painting my favorite cinder cone for more than a decade. It does not stand alone on a flat plain, however this is how I see it in my minds eye. It is scarred by excavation that has thankfully not progressed. 

When I see this cinder cone I feel comforted. A deep sense of well being that stretches beyond me. Beyond time, as I know it; stretching to the edges of the eternal. It makes my heart sing.

The paintings in this collection are a visual dialog of how I understand what I feel about the land. My hope is that it will broaden your perspective.

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