Friday, March 15, 2013


Oil on Canvas
34" x 34"

 There are times as a painter I am completely unsure of what I am doing. The doubt arrises due to a number of factors. Doing something different or using colours I don't normally use seems to push me into this state.
Am I just uncomfortable because it's different?
I don't know. Today however, I am willing to publish this. I am not sure if it is finished or not. Who knows the paint fairies might come it and finish it for me. You just never know.


Jane said...

I understand how you are feeling but, to me, this is so filled with energy, fluidity and beautiful line, I hope the paint fairies leave it alone for now.

C Tanner Jensen said...

Thanks Jane!
I will keep the fairies at bay for the time being.

FoalBreeder said...

I like it!!