Friday, May 31, 2013

L'Air du Temps

"L'Air du Temps"
Oil on Canvas
40" x 60"

I  was quite uncomfortable using such a bright palette for in this painting. The bright blues, greens, and roses keep me guessing. Thankfully I moved through my doubt and I am very pleased with the results.


FoalBreeder said...

Really like it.. Will you ever make prints??

C Tanner Jensen said...

I may after the original has sold.

Jane said...

Oh Tanner! I LOVE this! Congratulations!

C Tanner Jensen said...

Thanks Jane.

Jennifer said...

I would *LOVE* to have a print of this one day. The gorgeous!!

C Tanner Jensen said...

Thanks Jennifer! Prints of this one maybe in the offing soon.

Eve said...

Hi Tanner,
This painting is fantastic! It reminds me of a carousel horse, with all of the vibrant colors. Congratulations on experimenting with something new.
Best wishes,

C Tanner Jensen said...

Thanks Eve! I really appreciate your kind words.