Monday, March 3, 2014

What happened to February/

New panels.

So, what happened to February?

I vaguely remember signing up for a Daily Art Challenge, in which I was to make a piece of art a day for 28 days. February is now becoming a distant memory and 28 new artworks are no where to be found! So what happened?

I prepared 7 new surfaces to paint on.

I stretched and gessoed 7 new canvases.

Canvas awaiting drawing.

I toned 7 canvases and finished the intial under painting on 3 canvases.

Several of the collages.

I prepped and started 32 collages.

I also painted on some large still unfinished works. I cleaned a bit and threw out quite a bit of half starts and never gonna finish pieces. I sorted and re-organized several shelves.

and……..I learned.

I am never going to be the painter who starts a piece and finishes it before starting something else. I always have several things going on at the same time. It will sometimes be frustrating when I look for concrete evidence that I am making art as everything is in some stage of becoming, but awe, when they do finally become complete.


FoalBreeder said...

I like that canvas that is started on your blog.. I love the colors, so what's going on it?? I am now getting to where I can hang some things on the walls of my new remodeled spaces.. so hesitant to put the holes into the walls , and make them "permanently hung" guess I can always move them!! So how big is this canvas??

C Tanner Jensen said...

It's a pretty good size. 3 20" x 40" panels. I am working on it for an upcoming show.

Lorie McCown said...

We do what we can. I use Feb. and Aug. as a daily practice, mainly to get out of my head, and to do the practice of daily art making. Do what works for you. All the best,