Monday, May 11, 2015

Artist Statements??????

Almost every maker of images is at some point to asked to write an Artist Statement. Note the request is always capitalized, I personally believe this is to strike terror into the heart of the writer. It stinks of self-importance, of something you can never retract, of something set in stone! Where as the truth of it is, it couldn't be more elusive and changing if it tried, at least for me.

This is my latest artist statement.........

Artist Statement

I believe that each act of kindness, each act of compassion, each moment of joy enriches the whole of humanity. It is from this belief that I create art. 

When I was three years old I knew exactly what I wanted to do. I wanted to draw pictures and ride horses. This was both a blessing and a curse. What a gift it is to know where you heart lies, and a curse to be told that it is impossible, ridiculous, an infantile fantasy that you will out grow.

I didn’t outgrow it. I am as or more passionate about painting than ever. The colours, the smells, the act of making marks on canvas with a fully loaded brush is intoxicating and meditative. Transforming a blank surface into a painting, it is what I live for.

And as for the horses, as you can plainly see, I still love them too!

It is as honest and as heartfelt as I can make it. Is it perfect? Far from it, and it will change. Hopefully I will grow as a human being and my work will reflect that.

Today however, this is my offering.

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