Sunday, August 9, 2015

The Month of August

Wednesday morning I loaded up my car with paintings and drove into town to deliver artwork to Criollo.

Once there I unloaded the paintings, several large paintings. At this point the panic starts to settle in. Do I have enough paintings, do I have to many?

How are we going to arrange these?

The self doubt seems to be a constant companion. A much smaller voice to be certain, but still that little nag. There was no need for it. Kassidy was up and down on the ladder securing and adjusting the paintings and as if my magic it was all hung and looks fantastic.

You will have to stop in Criollo, 16 North San Francisco Street in Historic Downtown Flagstaff to see  the show. It is up through the month of August.

Big thanks to Diane Rechel for taking these lovely photographs.

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