Wednesday, March 23, 2016


Leap of Faith
Acrylic, Graphite, and Charcoal 
on Yupo
17.20" x 23"

I have been working on Yupo for the past few weeks. It has a lovely smooth surface. The graphite and charcoal glide across the surface. It accepts the paint and also resists it. It is a fascinating and seductive material to work on.

Detail of Leap of Faith

Generally I do not incorporate a lot of texture in my work. I prefer implied texture, even when working on canvas. However, I find myself building and manipulating texture on the Yupo, both actual by building layers that have more body and implied by layering paint of different values and transparencies.

Detail of Leap of Faith

I have no idea where this is all leading me to, but I am enjoying the trek.


Helen Read said...

Beautiful! I like the use of charcoal in this, too. I have never tried the use of charcoal on yupo, but am intrigued!

Stan Kurth said...

Love it, Tanner!

C Tanner Jensen said...

Thanks Helen and Stan. I love how different this surface is, very freeing and leads to lots of experimentation.