Monday, March 20, 2017

Ruby Slippers Effect

Oil, Acrylic and Charcoal
on Canvas
40" x 60'

Why does anyone buy an artwork? The answers are as varied and as complicated as the people who made the purchases. However there is a common thread in most than a of the replies, "It makes me feel good."

When I create a painting it is like following that thread in the maze. It takes surprising twists and turns that lead me along. At the end it has developed in to a work that has it's own vibrational signature. It may be joy, or longing, vibrant and invigorating or calm and restful.The possibilities and combinations are endless.

Each individual who views the painting will see something, feel something a little bit differently and in some cases completely different.

This is what I call the Ruby Slippers Effect. It is your memories, your experiences, bits of you that are called forth when you look at a painting and feel something, or not.

I have brought forth a touchstone, a piece of art that causes you to pause, and reflect, and feel. You my dear are the one, you have the magic, and you had it all along.

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