Tuesday, April 25, 2017


L'air du Temps
Oil on Canvas
40" x 60" 
Available Now as a Limited Edition Print

Inspiration is a funny thing. It is the beginning point. The place you start from and the place when I am finished I return to and ask myself if I held true to the inspiration or did I take a wild detour and land in a place far away from where I started?

My introduction to Lipizzaners was very typical. I was captivated by the Wesley Dennis's illustrations in Henry's book The White Stallion of Lipizza, I watched Disney's The Miracle of the White Stallions and I was smitten. I wanted one of those beautiful white horses that could leap into the air and preform capriole!

At this point if someone would have given me a 30 year old welsh pony I would have been over the moon.

When you're young, dreams and fantasy have not been dulled yet by the realities of life. Your imagination has no boundaries. Your heart knows how to sing and how to fly.

If this painting gives you a glimpse back to when you clutched at your heart when you look at a magical white beast leap into the air, then I held to my inspiration.

This painting is now being offered as a limited edition print.

20" x 30" Giclée Print, Edition of 10, 495.00 shipped in the US

13" x 20" Giclée Print, Edition of 25, 275.00 shipped in the US

contact me at ctannerjensen@gmail.com to purchase

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