Friday, January 28, 2011

Horse Fever

This is the cause of my latest fever.He's a 3yr old TB colt.I just love the way he looks.
As many of you know my horse Abe was put down just before Thanksgiving.It was hard,but he didn't suffer.His last 3 years he had the best care possible and was turned out on grass.Heaven for a high desert horse.
Anyway,I am not quite ready for a new horse.I have a "plan" that doesn't include a horse or horse shopping for a few month.None the less,this one keeps tugging at my heart strings.
Oh be still my heart!
If anyone else is interested in this guy email me and I give you the contact information.

Someone is going to look at this boy tomorrow.Let's all keep our fingers crossed that they love him and he has found a home!


Jane said...

LOVE his dapples! maybe you should re-think your plan to include this beauty. just sayin'

C Tanner Jensen said...

I know,he looks so sweet.But then again so do most ponies!I love his hind end.I really need to see a video.