Saturday, October 26, 2013

Addicted to Paper!

I am addicted to paper. I could easily be accused of being a paper hoarder and would have to plead guilty. I love the stuff! The weight, the smell, the texture, and oh the myriad of colors and patterns. Handmade Italian Marbled Endpapers, Japanese Chiyogami, papers with bits of leaves or grasses in them, and papers with velvety surfaces pristine surfaces longing to be marked upon.

Some of the papers are from exotic places and have exotic names. Some are made in paper mills that have been producing paper for centuries. Some are made by hand.

I love them all and I am greedy for them.

Tomorrow a friend of mine is going to show me how to convert some of my paper into a book. I am hoping this will help reduce the sheets of paper accumulating in my drawer. I fear it will only give credence to my lust for more paper.

1 comment:

Elizabeth Seaver said...

Ho, boy do I get that! The worst place for me is in one of those high end paper stores....

What a great use for those beautiful pages--a book. I hope you'll show it when you are done.