Sunday, May 25, 2014

Lighting and Living with Artwork.

L'Air du Temps
hanging at
 Hidden Light

L'Air du Temps
photographed at 
Tom Alexander's Studio
40" x 60"
Oil on Canvas

Color is so subjective and reactive. This is the same painting photographed by the same photographer. The top painting was photographed hanging at Hidden Light. The warm wood tones really heat up the color in the painting. Notice how creamy the white of the horse is and how much stronger the yellows and reds appear.

The bottom painting was photographed in the studio and is a very true representation of the original art work. The light in the studio mimics sunlight and allows for the full spectrum of color to be shown.

I love it when someone who has purchased one of my paintings sends me a photograph of it hanging in it's new home. It takes on a different persona, one I feel is a reflection it owners.

Thank you Tom Alexander for always photographing my artwork true to form.

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