Tuesday, May 13, 2014

The Space In Between

Garden Variety Friends
34' x 56"

I was recently asked why there is a gap in between these two panels. I answered the question in this way.

It is a diptych, I like working on two or more canvases and feel the gap is time, distance, and connection.

All true, but something else.

I love the way the eye must skip the gap and make the connection to the other side. I like that it breaks up the larger areas and adds a bit more interest. I like that it makes it easier to ship.

….and still, there is something more. Something that hints at what is going on beneath the surface. It whispers about a past history and a future story. About a place that can't be wrecked by the ravages of time. A glimpse at the edge of that eternal field that is just out of sight beyond the horizon.

I may never fully understand why I prefer to use the gap, the space in between, but it some how comforts me to know that there is more.

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