Thursday, May 29, 2014

Studio Time

This is a picture of my studio. It is fairly neat and clean. Well organized and very functional. The skylights provide great light and there is clearly enough room to work on several canvas at the same time.

Over the past several moths I completed the canvases that are visible. As I finished them, I also worked on other pieces of art. While I was working I was creating small areas of disarray. Mind you they were small, but there were several of them. No flat surface has escaped at least one, if not 3 or 4 pile os papers, pencils, tubes of color, etcetera,  etcetera,  etcetera……….

So yesterday in my infinite wisdom I tore everything asunder. Which is why I am sitting here with my cup of coffee delaying the inevitable task of reorganizing, culling, cleaning, and eventually , blessedly, getting back to painting.

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